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About Moheb Mehr

With the attitude of partnership between the public and private sectors, this hospital has provided a suitable platform for providing optimal medical services by taking advantage of the strengths of both sectors. Excellence in patient treatment management and reducing the average number of days a patient stays in the hospital without reducing the quality of services, as well as signing contracts with basic and complementary insurance companies, became a prelude to establishing Moheb Hospital independently.

It is an honor that Moheb Mehr Hospital received the best entrepreneur award in the service sector in 2009. This hospital has no shareholders and does not receive funding or assistance from any of the governmental organizations and institutions, and it is managed only by relying on the principle of matching income with expenses. Moheb Mehr Hospital is one of the first-class private centers with basic and supplementary insurances, and the costs are accordingly lower than other private centers. This hospital includes 100 approved beds and 133 active beds.

Familiarity with hospital departments

  • Emergency

    This department consists of 5 beds under emergency care, which is equipped with cardiac monitoring and the latest equipment and facilities, and also in this department there is a CPR room, separate examination and triage rooms.

  • Operation room

    There are 9 operating rooms and 11 recovery beds in this department. All heart surgeries for children and adults, orthopedics, spine, general surgery, urology, etc. are performed in this department.

    Operation room
  • Inpatient Ward

    Moheb Mehr Hospital is one of the first-class private centers with basic and supplementary insurances, and the costs are therefore lower than other private centers. This hospital includes 133 beds in 10 departments.

    Inpatient Ward
  • ICU

    In this Ward, there are 10 beds with all the equipment for patient care. Patients who need special care after any surgery, as well as patients hospitalized in different departments who need special care will be admitted in this department.

  • ICU OH

    In this Ward, there are 7 beds (one bed in an isolated room) for the comfort of patients. After open heart surgery, both children and adults are immediately transferred to this department and post-operative care is provided in this department.

    ICU OH
  • Clinic

    Moheb Mehr Clinic has various specialties that are providing services to patients every day at the appointed time.

  • Laboratory

    With the benefit of experienced doctors, skilled staff, world-class technology and modern devices, the subspecialty laboratory of Moheb Mehr Hospital is proud to perform routine, emergency, specialized, subspecialty, hormonal pathology tests, etc. in the shortest time and with the best quality. be respectful

  • Heart clinic

    This unit is actively ready to provide quality services with the benefit of experienced and specialized doctors. The attendance schedule of the heart clinic doctors is available in the schedule of the clinic (inner part of the heart). The timing is every day (except holidays) from 13:00 to 15:00.

    Heart clinic
  • Imaging

    This unit has 5 departments of ultrasound, CT scan, radiology, bone densitometry and MRI. The imaging department is a party to the contract with all basic insurances and most supplementary insurances.

  • Endoscopy

    This unit is equipped with endoscopy, colonoscopy, cautery devices for polypectomy.

  • Angiography and angioplasty

    In this section, all kinds of treatment procedures in the field of angiography and angioplasty are presented with the highest quality.

    Angiography and angioplasty
  • Catering facilities

    All rooms have a direct telephone line, TV, refrigerator and closet, separate toilet and bathroom, controlled (digital) bed, nurse call bell, and sofa bed for accompanying the patient.
    There is also a bank, buffet, coffee shop and restaurant in the hospital.

    Catering facilities

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