Visitors' Guide

About Imaging Department :

Head of the ward: Dr. Hassan Jafari

Supervisor: Fereshte Shahmoradi

Contact number: 0098-21-88644553

Location: Ground Floor

With the benefit of capable specialists and experienced experts, this center is proud to fulfill its mission, which is to provide diagnostic services with the best quality and the most reasonable cost, in line with the excellent goals of the hospital, using the latest equipment and technology.

This department has 5 departments of ultrasound, CT scan, radiology, bone densitometry and MRI.

The imaging department is a party to the contract with all basic insurances and most supplementary insurances.

Use of imaging services:

In accepting the outpatient departments and using the diagnostic services, the doctor notes her “request” on the insurance book with the complete mention of the type of requested service. Then the patient goes to each of the outpatient departments with her insurance booklet. If you don’t have a notebook, in supplementary insurances, according to the variety of contracts, it is mandatory to have an introduction letter from the insurance company in order to provide services.